27 October 2009

Manipulative Skills

In order to be able to do science activities effectively, manipulative skills play an important role beside science process skills
Definition : Psychomotor skills that enable us to carry out practical works in science. It involves the development of hand-eye coordination

1. Use and handle science apparatus and substances
To know which appropriate instrument to use in certain situation and know how to read the scale on the instrument that is being used

2. Handle specimens correctly and carefully
- Take only necessary plants to the lab
- Return specimens to its original place
- Do not handle poisonous plants
- Place small animals in petri dishes
- If still alive, release them

3. Drawing specimens ,apparatus
Guidelines in drawing :
Use pencil and unlined paper
Draw it large so that important details can be seen easily
Draw on the left side, labels on the right side
Labels one under the other
Use ruler to draw lines for labeling, do not cross line
No shade or colour
Title at the top

4. Cleaning science apparatus
*Clean all apparatus properly and carefully
*Make sure the right cleaning method
*For extra dirty glassware, soak overnight
*Clean and dry all apparatus before storing

5. Storing science apparatus
*Return all apparatus to its original location
*Make sure all apparatus are dry before storing
*Follow storing procedures

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